About The Foxes

We moved from Annapolis, Maryland to Germany in November 2009 by choice for work so that we could experience living in Europe and exploring the world together.  We were married in June 2010 in a beautiful little ceremony on the beach in Riviera Maya. We love to travel and experience new things.  Living so far from home, we decided to create this blog to keep everyone up to date on our latest travels and the experience of living in Germany.  Whether it’s a trip to Paris, a random German festival (and there are many), a living abroad “learning experience” or learning to make a new recipe we learned in our travels, we seem to find a way to make everything an adventure… an adventure that is truly better when we’re together.

We hope you enjoy seeing the world through our eyes…

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7 Responses to About The Foxes

  1. im so glad i stumbled across this blog its so cute. im diving in to read all about the adventures you two are having…. great lunch time reading!!

  2. Laura4NYC says:

    Congrats on moving to Germany! Whereabouts? I’m from Heidelberg and we really don’t have that many Mexicans in our country, so glad you people are catching up!

    • Laura4NYC says:

      oops, just read you only married in Mexico but you’re not actually from there! Okay, gotcha, we can use more Americans, too!

      • LOL, Yes, I’m American. My husband is also American but grew up in Mauritius. We live in Wiesbaden. We absolutely LOVE living here. We wanted to get married here but it’s difficult for Americans to get through all of the paperwork. We married in Mexico because it would be closer from our family and friends to travel and a nice little vacation too 😉

  3. Laura says:

    Hi! I just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Here’s the link to my post if you are interested in re-posting: http://cooktolove.com/2012/11/15/blog-awards-accolades-and-a-great-big-chocolatey-thank-you/

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