It’s Christmas Time in The City

Our first Christmas in Wiesbaden was beautiful.  We didn’t actually stay for Christmas Day but with the Christmas Market just a few steps outside our front door, it felt like Christmas for the whole month of December.

We walked down to the market several days after work to look around and have some gluwien (hot, mulled wine- YUM!), which always seemed to hit the spot with the unusually cold winter weather.  Or, we would go after dinner for dessert or just a frigid evening walk to look at the lights, which are abundant in Germany.  It reminded me of the Christmases past when my family would drive through well-decorated and/or over-decorated parts of Maryland.  Except now, we can just walk outside.

Living in the city in the winter was fantastic for us.  We both wanted to live in the city but I don’t think either of us realized that it meant we could walk just two minutes to a party every evening.  There were lights at every turn.  Every store and restaurant was decorated or over-decorated.  When it snowed, which was often, it was like a winter wonderland.  It was the perfect place for us to spend our first winter in Germany.

We didn’t have a Christmas tree since we were not planning to be home for Christmas so we claimed the city tree as our own and visited it often.  The slide show below should give you a glimpse of Christmas time in the city…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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