Our First New Year’s Eve in Germany – 2009/2010

We decided to stay in the city and experience a German New Year’s Eve in Wiesbaden.   We were warned that New Year’s Eve can get pretty out of control in this area.  We heard that it was the only time fireworks were legal in Germany so the Germans took advantage of this.  This was correct.  I thought I would pick up some sparklers before we went to dinner and while at the register, I saw a 7 year-old girl trying to buy a large package of fireworks that she couldn’t possibly set off on her own.  I just shook my head and made my purchase while the German cashier explained to me, in German of course, that the girl was too young… just a “kinder.”

We decided that we would have a nice Italian dinner in Italian alley.  Well, we call it Italian alley anyway.  There are several excellent Italian restaurants in this area so we thought surely we could find a table.  We did.  However, it was outside and this was December in Germany during the worst winter since the 60’s, or so the bakery lady tell us.  It didn’t seem to matter.  The outdoor heaters worked well and sitting outside proved to be even more fun. That’s where the show is!

We had good wine, great bruschetta and a meal that the waiter apparently forgot about for some time.  This didn’t bother us.  We were enjoying the people watching, the occasional fireworks and especially the company. We followed up this meal with a fantastic Tiramisu!

Next, we decided to take a walk around the city before heading to the Kurhaus Casino, which is where the city firework display was to take place. First, the citizens of Wiesbaden had their own little fireworks show.  This is where it got a little crazy.  Fortunately, we ran into friends!

Unfortunately, my camera died and I didn’t get any pictures of the craziness.  It was admittedly a bit scary at times.  We didn’t get pictures of people shooting each other with fireworks, dancing into the sparks, or the man next to us that was hit in the face with a bottle rocket.  I’m sure he was never more happy to have poor sight.  His glasses probably saved his eye.   I did get a picture of the aftermath…

The next day we woke up to the sound of the street-sweeping truck.  It made at least six passes on Marktstrasse and those are just the ones we heard.

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