Rome was one of our favorite trips so far.  The Ancient City was awe-inspiring.  We walked for hours looking at the 2000 year old ruins and imagining what the magnificent buildings and monuments must have looked like then.  The Colosseum and the Roman Forum were by far our favorite spots in Rome.  We took our time walking through the Colosseum, imagining this tremendous structure in it’s prime with 45,000 spectators chanting as gladiators fought to the death.  It’s almost impossible to fathom.

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We took over 100 pictures in the Ancient City of Rome.  Every where you look there is something beautiful; a door, a column, a statue missing a nose or an arm, a last remaining wall from something that was once great. We were there at a perfect time.  The sun started to sink in the sky bathing the ruins in an amber glow while casting the most interesting shadows on the cobble stone paths, the path that Romans once walked.  We took time to sit and marvel at this treasure of history.  It was almost too much to take in at once and since we are certain that we missed things.  We would love to return!

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