Birthday Celebration in Bruges, Belgium

A pretty three-hour drive to Bruges for a long weekend was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.  We knew the sun would set very early so Ryan offered to take me out for a romantic night of photography.  After a nice dinner in a little cafe, we bundled up in layers and Ryan carried my camera bag and tripod as we walked through the city of Bruges taking pictures of the beautiful canal lit from above.  It was a beautiful way to see the city.  We stopped for hot chocolate, which was copiously available at every turn as one of the major products produced in Bruges is chocolate.  There was a chocolate shop on every corner and some corners had two or three.  They all had similar things but some stood out with a specialty, unique shapes or interesting blends and flavors.

Bruges is also known for the waffles.  A friend, who lives in Belgium suggested we try the “sugar waffles.”  We had several pretty yummy versions, all with lots of sugar but apparently none were the famous Sugar Waffles.  I guess we’ll have to go back!

Our collective sweet tooth was satisfied but we didn’t stop with the waffles.  The Bailey’s and chocolate fondue was pretty phenomenal too.  We did make an attempt to add some nutritional component to the “meal” with fruit.  I’m fairly certain we achieved the proper number of USDA recommended servings.

Then there was the birthday dinner.  We  had a wonderful dinner at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the canal.  The concierge at our hotel made sure to tell them it was a special night and requested the best table in a corner with with windows on either side.  We had a beautiful view in every direction.

Bruges is a beautiful little town and I think we’ll have to see it in the Spring as well.

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