Our Wedding in Riviera Maya

A perfect day!  Every detail was just what we wanted.  Our family and friends all clicked like they had known each other for years.  The colors that we chose looked even more beautiful than I imagined they would once everything came together.  The weather and the music added the ambiance that we imagined. It was like a dream that I didn’t want to end.  It was the happiest day of our lives.   Everyone could see the happiness in our eyes and I will never forget the look on Ryan’s face as he said the vows he wrote for me.  I can’t count the times my breath was taken away that day.
We decided to write our vows to make the ceremony more personal and meaningful. We wrote the vows separately and sealed them until the day of the ceremony. This was my favorite part of the ceremony.  I know that Ryan writes with his heart and this time was no different. They still make me cry because we meant every word.
~Ryan’s Vows~
I vow to fill your life with happiness in every way I can.
To make sure you smile and to make you laugh.
I promise to make completely random moments special when you least expect it.
To do my absolute best to live up to any crazy expectation you may have.
I swear to hold you close, support and encourage you no matter what.
To always listen and be there for you when you need me.
I vow to eventually teach you French!
And to take advantage of any chance I get to kiss you and say that I will always
love you.
~Danette’s Vows~
I vow to listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement.
I promise to make our happiness together my priority and always endeavor to improve myself, to improve us
I vow I will not only share in your dreams, but I will pursue them as if they were my own.
I promise that no matter where we live or travel in the world, I will make you feel at home in my arms.
I vow that our life together will be adventurous whether we are exploring historic cities in Europe or dancing in our own kitchen
I promise to remain faithful to the vows that we make and above all of this, I promise you my heart always
After we said our personal vows, the unity sand ceremony, the ring vows and signed our marriage certificate, the pastor told Ryan that he could kiss his bride and that was music to my ears.  We turned to look at our family and friends.  Then our processional song All You Need Is Love – by The Beatles started and the music was perfect for that moment.  As we walked hand in hand back up the aisle, our guests threw white rose petals. As the shower of roses ended Ryan picked me up for another amazing kiss.  We were married!
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