The Apartment- It’s all in the details

The balcony of our apartment is not spectacular; a long, plain rectangle of empty space that over looks the walkplatz below.  But, everything is just about what you make  it,  right?  And. for this, we love our balcony.

It’s not beautiful or even clean for that matter.  It is a typical city balcony on a building that is at least 150 years old. It comes complete with chips in the old paint, dust, grime, bugs, moss growing in random places, pigeon feathers and other little presents from our feathered friends.  Maybe that is what we love about it, not the poop… This place has character.  There isn’t an identical apartment in the world.

The roof tops around us add to the charm of our summer evening meals on the balcony.

Then there is the view of the cathedral.  This cathedral seems to change color depending on the time of day and the way the light reflects off of the brick.  It’s beautiful, day or night.

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