Isola di Capri

While on our honeymoon, we took a day trip to Capri.

The ride out to the island was half the fun.  Once we reached the near-side of the island, the boat captain stopped to let us swim and snorkel.  The water in the Tyrrhenian Sea was much colder than we expected so that didn’t last as long as we had hoped but it was fun nonetheless.  Afterward, we bundled up in towels and snuggled as we motored around the island to see the Faraglioni (shown below) before stopping at the  Marina Piccola (Little Harbor) to begin our day in Capri and Anacapri.

To get to the town of Capri from harbor, we had to take a funicular.  While Ryan waited in line to purchase our tickets, I looked around at a few little shops.

The view of the sea from Capri was amazing.

We wandered around for a bit before taking a bus to Anacapri.  We were advised that Capri would be crowed with tourists and that Anacapri was more beautiful.  This was great advice.  Once in Anacapri, it was time for lunch.  Pizza, of course!  We found a great little place with fantastic veggie pizza and enjoyed the view.

With full, happy bellies we walked around Anacapri to look at the little shops, the beautiful gardens and a few very old churches.  One of them with an amazing tiled mosaic/mural floor.

Then we took a chair lift up to Monte Solarom.

This is where we saw some of the most stunning sea views ever.

The very nice lady who registered us for the tour, gave us great advice.  Anacapri was one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.  We couldn’t get enough of the brilliant blue water and the perfect blue sky.  We walked for a while and then found a shady spot to sit and take in the view and the fresh sea air.  We took dozens of pictures here.  Everyone more beautiful than the last.  It was quiet too.  We could have sat on the edge of the rocks forever here.



After taking the chairlift, the bus and the funicular back down to the harbor, we boarded the boat to head back the Positano.

We had a perfect day on the Island of Capri!

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