Sweaters in August?

It’s August and today I switched out my summer clothes for warm sweaters.  In Germany, autumn starts early compared to the east coast of the US but who’s complaining?  There is nothing I don’t love about fall and while we are living in Germany, we get to experience even more of it.  In Germany, autumn is fest season, which brings wine festivals, sausage festivals beer festivals, and random town festivals across the country.  A wine fest in 65 degrees is perfect no matter how many clouds are in the sky and in Germany there will certainly be clouds. As we enter our first full autumn season in Germany, I’m reminded of all of the things I love about this time of year.

A longer autumn in Germany also means that I get more time with the things I love.  I just love soft, fuzzy sweaters.  I’m slightly addicted to scarves.  I love freshly pressed apple cider.  I love the abundance of Riesling at wine festivals.  I love Glühwein. I love leather, riding boots and soft suede, slouchy ankle boots.  I love warm cable knit tights that go perfectly with my shiny, patent rain boots that make smile so much that I almost don’t even mind the rain.  I love corduroy. I love bon fires.  I love pumpkins and fresh bales of hay stacked up at the edge of a farm.  I love the colors.  I love the deep scarlet red leaves and the golden yellow leaves.  I even love the orange leaves despite my utter and eternal aversion to orange.  I love big piles of red, yellow and even orange leaves that make you want to be 6 years old again so that bystanders don’t think you are insane when you dive into the pile even though secretly, they want to dive in too.  I love walking in the park when the winds picks up a tiny whirlwind of leaves and almost always makes me think of the tornado scene of the Wizard of Oz.  Who doesn’t love the Wizard of Oz?

If this first week of autumn in August is any indication of how this season will be, I’m looking forward to a long, slightly chilly autumn and warming my hands with a mug of warm gluhwein.

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