Majestic Prague

The four-hour drive to Prague from Wiesbaden was a beautiful way to begin the trip.  This was my sister, Danielle’s first trip to Germany and the drive to Prague allowed her to see the beautiful German country-side of vineyards with a few castles sprinkled in.

We arrived in Prague just in time for an al fresco lunch at a cute little cafe followed by Algerian coffee with egg liquor, which was amazing.  That was when we agreed to experiment with new things that none of us had ever tried before.  The Algerian coffee was a great start and I’ve been craving it ever since.

After lunch, we walked to the Old Town Hall where a crowd was starting to form to watch the Astronomical clock strike at the top of the hour.  We couldn’t believe the number of people gathered to see something that happens every hour but every hour this square is packed with people just waiting to hear the bells and the trumpet player announce the hour.  The clock itself is beautiful and for it’s age, it is a magnificent example of science even if it is based on the theory that the universe revolved around the earth.  The commissioners of the clock thought it was so impressive that they couldn’t bare the thought of another in existence so they blinded the poor man who created the clock so that he could not duplicate it.

With the obligatory clock visit complete, we headed off to the next place on the list.  On the way to see one of two St. Nicholas cathedrals, we found the most fantastic street performer ever.  This man barley played the trombone and sax to the beat of his backup music played from a CD but his singing, dancing and enthusiasm had the whole crowd singing along with him even though most of us had no idea what he was saying.

Next, we hopped into a horse drawn carriage for a tour of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter.  This was a great way to tour Prague!

Later, we walked to the river and strolled along the Charles Bridge taking time to look at the statues and enjoy the view.   Most of our time in Prague was spent enjoying the view.  The city is majestic.  The spires of churches and beautiful old building reach into the bright pink and orange sky across the whole skyline and after we left the hotel to go to dinner, the pink and orange sky had turned to the most beautiful royal blue you’ve ever seen.

At dinner, we continued to try new things and that included lamb for a quasi vegetarian, roasted duck for a not-so adventurous eater and plenty of delicious new cocktails.  The restaurant was just across from the Old Town Hall so we got to experience the Astronomical clock a few more times before taking a walk down a few narrow little streets to see the Charles Bridge lit up at night.  While on the bridge admiring the lights, we saw  a random fireworks display and ended the evening with a tipsy stroll back the hotel with a detour at a Belgian Chocolatier for a fresh waffle drizzled with dark chocolate and fresh whipped cream, a typical Belgian dessert to end the night.

Our second day started with a hot strong coffee and a walk through market that we happened to find while on our way to the Jewish Quarter.  Here we found souvenirs for some friends and Ryan found a crepe salee with ham.  The market was similar to the markets in Germany with stalls selling handmade pottery along with other items including jewelery and swords made on-site by a blacksmith.

We finally made it to the Jewish Quarter only to find that there was line wrapped around the block to see the famous Jewish cemetery.  We didn’t have the hours to wait so we headed to the Prague Castle instead.  It was a long walk but somehow walking through Prague, it doesn’t seem very long because there are so many beautiful things to see.

Prague Castle is supposed to be the largest castle in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records and it was a pretty impressive, expansive compound.  It’s actually a castle with a palace inside or vice versa.  There is also a massive beautiful cathedral inside, which has a bell tower with 287 narrow spiral stairs that lead to a panoramic view of Prague like no other.

After the castle, we spent some time looking through the shops in the Little Quarter.  There were lots of cute antique shops and pretty pottery stores.  There were a few fun shops like the one with Absynth ice cream.

There were also some creepy shops.Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Prague so we took the long way back to the hotel to get one last glimpse of the Old Town and headed home.  We all had a fantastic time in beautiful Prague.  I hope to see it again someday.

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