Our First Visitor

In September, we had our first official visitor in Germany.  My sister, Danielle, stayed with us for two weeks.  I was insanely excited for her visit and she was just as excited to be in Europe for the first time.  I planned all sorts of little excursions for us but I was also just happy to have her here.  I wanted her to see where and how we lived to understand why we love it here.   My family had mixed emotions when I told them I was moving to Germany.  They were happy for our opportunity to fulfill my dream of living abroad and that living in Germany would give us many opportunities to travel but sad to see us move so far away so I couldn’t wait to have Danielle here to see for herself.

I planned things like road trips to Prague and France and the huge wine fest in Bad Durkheim but it was the little things that I was most excited about.  I couldn’t wait to show Danielle how we live in Germany and the differences from our life in the States.

We spent two fantastic weeks trying new things together and even though Ryan and I had to work while Danielle was here, we spent a lot of time showing Danielle our beautiful city the way we see it every day.

We did little things like working out together and cooking together.  This gave me the opportunity to  show Danielle some of my new recipes and the joys of cooking in a kitchen with the world’s least counter space.  Not to mention the fun of using 110 appliances in a 220 kitchen using the voltage transformer.  We went to the market together so that Danielle could see one of our favorite things about living in the city, the Saturday farmer’s market.  We took long walks through the city and through the parks and trail where I run.

We visited nearby cities and towns to explore.

We went to the world’s largest wine festival and tried lots of new foods and wines.

We went to Prague for a weekend

We went to France to visit the cemetery where our Great Uncle was laid to rest.

Then to Metz, France to explore, eat lunch and witness an unexpected French demonstration against the change in retirement age.

We took a drive along the Rhine River and stopped in a few towns along the way.

We explored castle ruins…

And, broke a few rules.

We even had time for a girl’s day in Frankfurt

We ended the trip with German brats and music at the Wiesbaden Stadtfest

It was a fantastic trip for all of us.  I can’t wait for the rest of my family to visit!

We miss you already!!

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One Response to Our First Visitor

  1. Danielle Goodwin says:

    I’m already looking forward to next year!! Thank you for an amazing tour of Europe! 3 countries and countless cities with my best friend/sister! Miss you already…

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