My Exceptionally Sweet Husband

My husband has many talents.  Giving the perfect, memorable gift is certainly one of them.   His timing always seems to be perfect too.  Our cat Fisher is a great example.  Fisher was the first birthday gift Ryan ever gave me and he was the perfect addition to our little family.  I told him he could never top that one but he has been trying ever since.

This year he out-did himself.  Ryan was returning from a trip on my birthday and we both ended up working very late so we didn’t celebrate on my birthday.  Instead, we both collapsed on the bed and didn’t even bother to eat dinner.  Ryan did make sure to give me a card with a very sweet letter written inside and explained that my gift would be a little late.

Weeks went by and Ryan was frustrated that it hadn’t arrived.  He assured me that it was worth it but I took the opportunity to remind him that he his amazing gift was losing cool points as it got later and later.

One, about 3 weeks after my birthday, a box arrived and I wasn’t allowed to see it.  That night, after my work out, I came out of our workout room to find  Ryan had locked himself in the dining room, he opened the French doors and I saw a package hanging from the light fixture.

He told me to open it carefully…

So, I did while telling him to stop taking post-workout pictures! Then I saw what was inside.

I thought it was cute… I love hot air balloons.  We’ve seen them several times in the air here in Germany and every time, I say that I want to do that someday.  Then I saw the scroll and thought maybe this is it!  Maybe we ARE taking a hot air balloon ride!

We are!  I looked at the ticket and read that it was for 2 people on Easter weekend.  My little cousin Cody will be visiting us for his first trip to Europe that week.  I frowned a little and said “But, Cody…” Ryan interrupted and said that Cody was coming with with us.  So, the smile came right back!  His timing was perfect!  I had been searching for something fun and unique to do while Cody was visiting.

Then Ryan explained that this was not JUST a hot air balloon ride.  We are going to a hot air balloon festival in Belgium.

Not only are we going to Belgium for the festival, we are also staying in nearby Ghent.  And, Ghent is a beautiful town in Belgium.  Ryan had already booked a fantastic hotel right on the canal and had a whole multimedia presentation of the trip he planned.

I’m so impressed at the effort he put into this gift.   I would have been trilled with the hot air balloon ride itself but the hand-crafted balloon that he found for the presentation made it PERFECT!  And, the bonuses of the festival and taking Cody to see such a beautiful town in Belgium are just priceless.  This was totally worth a little wait!

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Thank you, Ryan!  I LOVE YOU!

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2 Responses to My Exceptionally Sweet Husband

  1. myblogject says:

    VIsiting GHent!! WOOP WOOP, lucky you – have you been? It is a fab fab city, Belguim in general I love, but Ghent is particularly lovely! Awesome reason to go to, hot air balloon, awseome,

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