A Day on the Rhine

In September, my little sister came for a visit.  One of the things we were excited to show her, was the Rhine River.  We happen to live near one of the most beautiful stretches of the Rhine and the drive along the river makes for a beautiful day.

First, we stopped at Schloss Johannisberg to walk through the vineyards and look out over the river.

Rüdesheim was our next stop, where we first tried Neue Wine or new wine, which is wine that is not aged at all). We wandered the town and shopped at some of the pottery shops.

Then we took the gondola lift up to the Niederwalddenkmal monument, which was completed in 1838.  This enormous monument looks out over the beautiful river and landscape.

We continued our drive up the river passing castle after castle.  Some were in ruins, some still in tact and renovated into private homes or hotels.  We drove through a few small towns with half-timbered buildings and beautiful old cathedrals.

We took a ferry across the river to get to St. Goar.  Here, we had lunch and more Neue Wine…

…before heading up to the Burg Rheinfels ruins.  We toured the ruins, crawling through tunnels that I’m pretty sure were off-limits.  Ryan: “let’s go in here.”  Danette: ” I don’t think we are supposed to be in here.” Danielle: “I’m sure it’s fine.  Stop worrying.”  Danette: “Oh look, we reached the end and it’s blocked… isn’t this interesting.” Danielle: “Um… maybe that wasn’t ok.”

This was one of our favorite parts of the day. The castle ruins were pretty amazing and the view of the river and other castles was fantastic but we really just had a great time enjoying each other.

It was so good to have my sister close.

After St. Goar, we headed back down the river. Earlier, we noticed a very cute town across the river so now was a good opportunity to stop to see it.  The town was called Bacharach and it was so cute.  There were a few very old houses with whimsical flower boxes.  I think the one pictured below is actually called Old House.

We are hoping to spend a little more time here on our next trip.  My cousin Cody will be visiting soon and I’m sure we’ll take this drive with him as well.  This is always a nice way to spend a warm Spring or Summer day.

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