Wiesbaden Ostermarkt

Every year, in the weeks before Easter, German towns host their Ostermarkt (Easter Market).  Today we ventured right outside our door to go to the Wiesbaden Ostermarkt.  This market is held along Kirchgasse, the main shopping walkplatz (pedestrian zone) in Wiesbaden.  Vendors line the street selling mostly handmade items like jewelry,  clothing, pottery.  There are also lots of food items like fancy mustard, jellies, honey, spices and wine.  Mauritiusplatz, a square very near to our apartment has a live band playing American songs, wine stalls and other food stalls.

We stopped to get coffee and walked through the stalls in Mauritiusplatz then down the walkplatz to the end of the market

We stopped at a few jewelry stalls hoping to find a replacement for the blown-glass earring that I lost in the Netherlands over Thanksgiving.  We picked those earrings out last year at the Easter Market to wear as my “something blue” for our legal wedding ceremony.  Needless to say, I was disappointed that the same vendor wasn’t here at the market this year but I’ll keep looking for that stall at every market….

Instead we picked up a few gifts for family and of course a few lavender sachets for me!

After the market, we picked up some sandwiches and headed to the park for a picnic.  This might be our favorite thing to do here in the spring and summer.  We found a perfect spot amid some daffodils near the pond.

It was a quiet day with the WilhelmStrasse closed to traffic to prepare for the races tomorrow.  Instead we had the sounds of Egyptian geese, ducks and Ryan’s ipod.

We had a beautiful, relaxing spring day…

…with these amazing views.  I think we’ll have a repeat day tomorrow at another park.

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