Strasbourg, France – Without Adult Supervision

Last Wednesday night at dinner I asked Cody if he wanted to drive to France the next day.  He looked at me with an “are you serious” look and said, “sure!”  So, the next day we dropped Ryan off at work, set the GPS to Stasbourg, France and off we went.

We were making great time until we hit a stau (traffic jam).   While I clicked through Cody’s iPod, he enjoyed the stau in his own way…

Once in Strasbourg, we had a bit of trouble finding parking since the garage we had selected was not really a garage so much as an alley, an alley under construction.  We did find parking and we did find the old town in Strasbourg.  We immediately headed for the cafe au lait and galettes.  I wanted Cody to try galettes (savory crapes made with buckwheat) and he was a good sport.  He asked me to order whatever I thought he would like.  And, he did like it!

After our early lunch, we took a canal tour to learn a little history of Strasbourg and see the sites the lazy way, which we needed after the hours of walking we did the day before.

The tour was fun and we got to hear about things we wouldn’t have other wise.  It was also a beautiful sunny day so we couldn’t go wrong with anything outside.

The picture below is of the section of the canal where they have to close off both gates and allow the water to flow into the contained area to raise the boat level with the higher elevation of another part of the canal (if that makes sense).  We thought this was pretty interesting.

After the boat tour, we walked back to la Petite France for a closer look around.  We stopped in a very cool church on the way with a tomb from the 1100’s.  Although nothing was marked, we thought this tomb below might be it.

Once in la Petite France, we found crepes!  Our order got lost in translation and we ended up with a bowl of whipped cream for Cody and a single scoop of nutella ice cream for me.  That would not do!  After another rough attempt at French, we eventually sorted it out and had yummy crepes with nutella and chantilly cream! Magnifique!

We saved the best for last and headed for the Strasbourg Cathedral, which is a pretty impressive cathedral to say the least.  I was a little surprised that it made Cody’s over top 10 list of sights for the week.  I don’t know why I was surprised, this kid has good taste!

We had been to Strasbourg before so I knew Cody would love it and I loved spending the day with him.  I love our chats.

So, we managed to drive to France for the day without Ryan (our adult supervision) and make it back without incident.  Even with the mishaps, it was a beautiful day!!

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1 Response to Strasbourg, France – Without Adult Supervision

  1. Laura4NYC says:

    Stau – I see you learn fast! 😉 Strasbourg has a great Christmas market, too!

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