Friday Night Train to Paris

The luxury of living in Germany is that on a Friday night after work, we can take the train to Paris (or any other beautiful European city).  We have already been to Paris a few times but nothing about it ever gets boring and we never take this luxury for granted.  So, we go when ever there is an opportunity!  There are always new restaurants to try, more sights to see.   Living this close, we have the opportunity to see the more obscure, out of the way things that make Paris so, well, Paris!

On this trip, we learned that nothing beats room service on a balcony with a view of the Grand Palais, Petit Palais and the Eiffel Tower, good wine and great conversation.

There is always something going on in Paris.  On the train, we decided to see if there was anything special going on this weekend.  We really lucked out!  Nuit des Musees (Night of Museums).  It’s the one night of the year that the museums stay open until midnight (some later) and admission is free.  Saturday was going to be our date night anyway.  To us, date night means we get dressed up and do something out of the ordinary.  We didn’t start this tradition on purpose.  It just kind of happened when we lived in Maryland so we went with it.  Nuit des Musees was perfect for date night.  We had a great dinner at Crepe Story (not fancy but we loved it on our last trip) and then took a taxi (no metro on date night!) to Musee d’Orsay.

This is a beautiful museum in an old train station.  We thought this would be perfect for a night out.  Musee d’Orsay has works by Degas, Monet, Manet, Van Gough and many others.  Unfortunately, the museum no longer allows visitors to take pictures.  This used to be a fun part of visiting this museum because of the architectural detail of the building, not just the art.  There also used to be a beautiful clock that was perfect for dramatic black and white photographs (The photograph in the image bar at the top of this post was taken at Musee d’Orsay in February 2007 before they removed the iconic clock).  I was a little sad that the clock was gone.

At 11:30 when we left the museum, we noticed that several other museums still had very long lines.  This was a bigger deal that we thought!  Next year, we’ll plan to be in Berlin for Night of Museums (this is a Europe-wide event).  We’re museum geeks and would love it if they opened the museums at night more often!

As for taking the the train to Paris, we very much prefer it to flying.  It takes about 4 hours (the flight is about 90 minutes) but there is so much less stress involved with the train when compared to flying.  As an added benefit, the people watching on trains far surpasses the airport and the view of the French countryside was beautiful!

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4 Responses to Friday Night Train to Paris

  1. kbaran01 says:

    That view is to die for 🙂

  2. Julianne says:

    I can’t believe they got rid of the clock. That makes me want to cry a little.

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