Christmas in Paradise – Part One

In December we traveled to Mauritius to spend Christmas with Ryan’s mom, meet the most of Ryan’s maternal side of the family and see where Ryan grew up.  People usually ask us, “Where in the world is Mauritius?”  So, we marked Mauritius on map below with the purple marker.

The night we arrived Ryan’s cousin, Nicolas, invited us to stay at a bungalow on the beach in Grand Baie for a few days.  We decided to take him up on the offer and enjoy a few relaxing days on the beach.  The next day we met Nicolas and followed him up to Grand Baie.  This was the first time Danette was able to see the Capital, Port Louis, as we drove through.  Once in Grand Baie, we went to the market to get food and supplies.  We settled into the bungalow and headed out to the beach.

This was our view from the bungalow.

Nicolas took us on a little tour around Grand Baie to introduce Danette to the area and show Ryan what had changed over the years since he has been gone.

The island is beautiful and awe-inspiring at every turn.  This gave us a chance to take a few pictures, which do not even come close to capturing the beauty of Mauritius.

While in Grand Baie, Ryan and Nicolas thought it would be a good time to meet up with the cousins.  Nicolas and his friend arranged this lovely wine and cheese night on the beach at the bungalow.  It was a good opportunity for Danette to meet some of the cousins and for Ryan to catch up.

While at the bungalow, we had a few beautiful days on the beach.  Even the day it rained was perfect.  Actually, the rainy day was probably our favorite.  We went to the beach in morning and left just as the clouds rolled in.  We got inside just as it began to drizzle a little rain.  We decided it would be fun to run in the rain so we headed out for a quick three-mile run on the beach.  The sky opened up and it started to pour just as we got back to the bungalow.  The rain cooled us off and Danette stayed outside to do a little yoga when the rain let up.

After we showered off the rain and sand, we spent a few hours on the porch.  We watched the rain and enjoyed a few cups of coffee with real Mauritian sugar while we each finished up good books.

This is also where Ryan taught Danette about the Mauritian food chain.  The little lizards, like the one pictured below, are our friends because they eat the spiders and other little critters in the house.

Our time in Grand Baie was a nice relaxing introduction to Mauritius.  Next, we headed back to the plateau to spend Christmas and the rest of our trip with Ryan’s mother.

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5 Responses to Christmas in Paradise – Part One

  1. I enjoyed reading this and I like the way you present Mauritius. I can’t wait to read more and see the beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting.

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