Île aux Cerfs

During our trip to Mauritius, we took a day trip to Île aux Cerfs.   Île aux Cerfs is a tiny island near the east coast of the island of Mauritius.   As a special Christmas gift to our selves (we decided when we moved to Germany that our holiday gifts would be trips & experiences) we decided to take a catamaran trip to Île aux Cerfs for the day.  We drove to a beautiful resort on the east coast of the island to board the catamaran.

The resort staff was friendly and the whole place was well decorated in true islandy Christmas style!

The catamaran was well-appointed and the crew was fantastic.  They served drinks and told us about the different areas as we passed by.  The destination was just part of the day.  In this case, the journey to Île aux Cerfs was just as beautiful as being on the island itself.

On the way to Île aux Cerfs, we stopped to snorkel.  We were really wishing that we had bought a waterproof camera but no photograph could have done justice to the beauty we saw.  We have a tradition of holding hands while snorkeling.  This time was no different.  Looking down into the water and watching the beautiful fish, some coming up very close to us, some just watching as we swam by to guard their little baby fish hiding in the coral.  We swam through schools of fish and passed by turtles.  We saw beautiful conch shells, star fish, trumpet fish and found a clam shell the size of Danette’s head just partly open and perfect enough to look fake.  This was by far the best snorkeling we have ever done.

After snorkeling, we had a lunch of grilled fish and veggies on the catamaran as we continued our trip to the lagoons of Île aux Cerfs.

Once we arrived at the island, Ryan said it would be better if we walked to a more deserted part of the island rather than the touristy beach bar area where there was music and many many people with lots of kids.

After walking through the lagoon and just around the bend, we found a perfect, partially secluded strip of white sandy beach to relax and swim in the clear blue water for a couple of hours. The picture below shows our perfect little piece of heaven surrounded by water.

Île aux Cerfs is the perfect mix of fun and natural beauty.

After a beautiful day, we headed back to the catamaran to enjoy the ocean-scape on the way back to the main island of Mauritius.

On the way back, we enjoyed some wine and dreamed of staying at the beach forever…

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  1. Ile aux cerfs is beautiful!!

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