Christmas in Paradise – Part Two

After a few days at the bungalow in Grand Baie, we went back to the plateau (marked on the map below) to spend the rest of our trip and Christmas with Ryan’s mother.  We were so thankful to have so much time to spend with her.  We spent a few days going to various beaches.

We went to Blue Bay, which Danette was happy to see since we have had a picture of Blue Bay hanging on the wall for the past couple of years.

Next, we went to Gris Gris for a picnic lunch.  Gris Gris is French for Grey Grey.  I think the picture below fully explains the name of this beach.

We also spent a day with Ryan’s Aunt, Noelle, having lunch followed by a few hours of beach time at a public beach in Grand Baie.  It was nice to see a different part of Grand Baie.

After Noelle had to go home, we stayed to enjoy the beach and a beautiful sunset.  We really could stay at the beach all day so this was a perfect way to spend some family time together.

Ryan’s Uncle Bobby invited us to lunch in the breathtaking area of Chamarel.  We had the most fantastic view during lunch.  We had great conversation getting to know Ryan’s godfather and aunt.  We had a unique meal with very yummy cocktails and we also bumped into an old high school friend of Ryan’s.

After lunch we drove around taking time to stop a couple of times to take pictures of the beautiful landscape and just take in the beauty.  Even with the rainy weather, the island was beautiful.  Watching the clouds move over the mountains made it even more beautiful in a way.

On our last full day in Mauritius, we went to a beach in Flic en Flac.  Mom introduced Danette to coconut water right from the source.  It was a relaxing day and a nice way to end our visit with mom.

Days like this, just enjoying the simple pleasures of Mauritius with family were our favorite.

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2 Responses to Christmas in Paradise – Part Two

  1. I know the map of Mauritius is missing in this post. It will be back soon. We are working on editing our Google map.

  2. Thank you Danette and Ryan for the lovely moments we spent together and for sharing all this on your blog.

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