Two Years Ago…. She Said Yes

We planned to spend the weekend in New York City to celebrate our two-year anniversary.  We had lots of fun, romantic activities planned.  We drove up to NYC on a Friday and had awesome sushi that night in a tiny little restaurant that served up some pretty unique sushi rolls.

The next day, we set out to explore more of the city and since it was Independence Day weekend, we thought it would be appropriate to take a cruise out to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty.

After a fun day in the city, it was time for a little culture.  Danette couldn’t make it through Wicked, the awful book but was dying to see the Broadway musical.

So, after a fantastic dinner at the hotel restaurant over-looking Times Square, we walked walked over to Broadway to see one of the best shows either of us has seen to date.

After the show, we walked to Rockefeller Center to grab a cupcake at the renowned Magnolia Bakery, which turned out to be a fantastic ideas.  The cupcakes were delicious!

It was the perfect ending to a beautiful day!

When we woke up on July 4th, we were both excited to start the day celebrating our anniversary in New York City. Because I want to learn French so that I feel comfortable when we visit Ryan’s family, I asked him if he could teach me more French through the day. He said it was my so of course he would do anything to make me happy. We had a delicious breakfast at Blue Fin on Broadway.  We would definitely recommend this place to anyone traveling to NYC.   Salmon Benedict for Danette and Main Lobster Benedict for Ryan. Both were amazing! As we people watched and looked over a map to plan our day, Ryan started teaching me a few new words in French.

Next, we headed to Central Park to rent a row boat and spend some time on the lake.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the park was a beautiful vibrant green.

It was alive with people.  Everyone seemed so happy but maybe that is because we were in our own little world.  As we set out on the water in little row boat, avoiding those less skilled paddlers, we talked, laughed, reminisced and dreamed about future travels.

Ryan found a little tunnel and rowed inside where he pulled a card that he had hidden in my camera bag. I soon learned that I have a very sneaky boyfriend. The card was beautiful and the letter he wrote inside brought tears to my eyes, which of course is always his goal. I thought, I guess that’s it… I mean we are in New York and we did just have an amazing night the night before.  I don’t need a gift. The words were meaningful enough to make me happy alone. We continued to row around the lake for a while, the whole time Ryan teaching the French words for boat, paddle and a few other things.

After the lake, the plan was to stroll the park so that I could take some photographs. We found a huge boulder in the shade where we relax and enjoy a snack.

We were having the most romantic day already and next we had planned to head for Cloisters Museum, which we mistakenly thought was located near the Met in Central Park… it was not. So we asked a random woman if she knew where it was located. She proceeded to pull out every map of New York City created over the last few years. She gave us one of the maps that included the Cloisters, which is actually located on the 190th Street stop on the red line, over 100 blocks away. Without an ounce of frustration we found the closest subway and headed north.



After calling our families to tell them we were getting hitched, we got cleaned up from our super long sweaty day and hailed a taxi to dinner at One if By Land, Two if By Sea, a fantastic restaurant that Danette had read about and was just dying to try.  The staff was amazingly attentive.  The waiter noticed Danette’s ring and asked if it was new.  We said yes and he offered his congratulations.  Later he brought out a surprise dessert with candles and “Congratulations” written in chocolate sauce on the plate.

Of course, the night didn’t end there.  It was the 4th of July so we couldn’t miss the fireworks!  We watched NYC fireworks over the Hudson River from a roof top.


Our engagement weekend could not have gone more perfectly.  It was an eventful, romantic and fun weekend that we will never forget.  We are so happy that we were able to document the trip with pictures to remember and share with our family.

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