Bucket List – A Work in Progress

Those who know me, know that I like lists. That might be an understatement since a co-worker recently had to go through some of my old notes when my box was sent to her by mistake and she told me that I won the world championship for list making three years running.  It’s kind of an obsession.  List-making actually helps me relax. If I have something on my mind, I can usually relax if I make a list of things that I need to accomplish. Writing things down has always been very therapeutic for me.

Because of this obsession, I’ve had many different versions of my personal bucket list over the years.  Now that Ryan and I are married, I thought it was time for us to combine our bucket lists and get to work on making things happen!

This list is subject to change as our dreams and ambitions change and I’m sure we’ll continue to think of new and exciting things to add to our list.

  • Visit Costa Rica and retrace Ryan’s grandfather’s trips through South America
  • Take a long Kayak trip along a river and camp out on the river bank along the way
  • Go Skydiving
  • Take a ball room dancing class
  • Travel to Tibet
  • Run a marathon (done for Ryan not yet for Danette)
  • Travel to India
  • Do a Polar Bear Plunge for charity
  • Take a yoga class on a beach (Ryan is not a fan, he is exempt)
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See Redwoods State Park, California
  • See Yosemite National Park
  • Learn French (Ryan grew up speaking French. Danette is learning… slowly)
  • Ride a gondola through a canal in Venice
  • Make perfect homemade sushi
  • Go to a show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris
  • Host an outrageously costumed 70’s theme party
  • See a musical in London
  • Float above a pretty countryside or city in a hot air balloon
  • Hike in the Black Forrest
  • Climb Macchu Pichu in Peru
  • Have a photograph published (in any publication, I’m not picky)
  • Climb Mt. Olympus in Greece
  • Go to Africa (not Mauritius since its inclusion as part of the continent of Africa is a constant debate in our home)
  • Bring each of our mothers to Europe (half way there)
  • Wear an authentic dirndl at Oktoberfest!
  • Get in the car and drive to another country for lunch (without prior planning)
  • Take my sister to Paris
  • Run a Warrior Dash
  • Hike in the Alps
  • Travel to Thailand

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