Legit Renaissance Fest

When I invited my mother to visit, I asked where she wanted to go.  After reading our blog post about Rothenburg ob der Tauber, she said she really wanted to see Rothenberg.  So, I wanted to make sure she and Doug had plenty of time to visit this town.  We drove to Heidelberg on Friday morning and spent the day touring the castle and the town.

Next, we drove just over an hour to Rothenburg.  The image to the left was our introduction to the great bed & breakfast that I found just the night before our trip.  I wanted mom & Doug to experience staying at a German B&B and this one was perfect.  The staff was very nice and at check-in we got a fun surprise!  Mom noticed a sign that mentioned a festival the following day.  After further investigation and some translating, we realized it was  the Rothenburg town festival!

The next day, we had a yummy breakfast at the B&B.  Mom was more brave about trying new things than I thought.  The fresh juices and awesome jellies with cheese on freshly baked bread.  Yum!

After Doug and I finished off two pots of much needed coffee we all headed out to the Medieval Crime Museum, which is always interesting.  Then out to see the town and enjoy the festival.  There were several parades of people.  Some played music, others just drank beer or wine in costumes as they strolled down the cobble stone streets.

There were demonstrations in several of the town squares.  People dressed in renaissance clothing working wood and iron.  Some of the displays were pretty elaborate.

There were children chopping wood with axes as big as they were.  Groups of women cooking is large pots over fires and washing plates and beer steins in tubs of soapy water.

Randomly, we stumbled upon groups of people singing fun folk songs like in the pictures below.  The men on the right were fun, drinking & singing.

We had lunch at a cute little beer garden shaded by tall trees and red umbrellas.  They had an extensive beer list including Berliner Weisse, a light beer with a fruity syrup added, which I haven’t seen since I was in Berlin in 2006!  I was so excited to find it that I ordered a round for all of us before I had time to ask if they actually wanted it.  Luckily, they loved it too!

We had a great time walking around the town, watching the shows and checking out demonstrations.   We spent some time checking out the little shops, where we found a few Christmas ornaments and little trinkets.

We also took some time at the end of the day to walk around the medieval town wall.  The wall and towers were built in the 13th century and encircles the town.

Rothenberg is an adorable little town.  Around every turn there is a cute little house or shop.  I didn’t stop snapping pictures all day.  The picture below is one of many little streets lined with colorful little houses with perfectly shingled roofs.  When my mother said she wanted to go to the “fairy tale” town.  I knew exactly what she meant.

Later, Mom said this was one of her favorite days.  I’m so glad she liked it as much as I do and that we happened to visit the town during a festival!

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