That’s my husband.  Last summer, when I learned that I had an issue with gluten, neither of us knew anything about it.  We didn’t know what gluten was or where it was found.  We read and researched for weeks.  We learned everything we could about gluten.  Ryan was so unbelievably supportive!

We have since learned that I’m actually allergic to gluten though doctors use the terms gluten intolerance and gluten allergy interchangeably.  While I noticed an immediate difference in my health when I eliminated gluten, I have noticed that the improvements continue as I learn to be more careful about eliminating all possible gluten sources.   Ryan has had the most impact on that aspect.  He forces me to think about cross-contamination every day all day.  He is so diligent when it comes to cleaning dishes, pots, even the oven rack when he cooks anything that contains gluten.  He no longer asks me to cook or touch anything that includes gluten.

This weekend I noticed that Ryan has even stopped asking me to buy any groceries with gluten.  He used gluten free bread to eat hummus when we are at home.  He watches the food closely at parties to ensure that the gluten free food, which our friends have been so very kind to include at every event, doesn’t become contaminated by other foods that contain gluten.  His diligence has influenced me to be much more careful and I now have fewer and fewer reactions.

Initially, we both worried about traveling in Europe.  Though Ryan always said that he wasn’t worried and that we would always figure something out.  He was right.  We have been so lucky to always find amazing, flavorful gluten free food.  When we eat out at restaurants, that gives Ryan an opportunity to eat whatever he wants without worrying that it will affect me.  Traveling gluten free takes more planning.  It takes creativity.  It takes patience.  Ryan has been so incredibly patient.  When there is an issue, like when I forget to pack a healthy, gluten free snack for the return flight or there are no gluten free choices at the airport, Ryan is always so helpful and supportive. (more on gluten free travel in future posts!)

Learning to live gluten free in Germany has been a challenge and it has been difficult at times but Ryan and I have learned a lot about food and healthy cooking and I think we are both healthier for it.  Every day I’m so appreciative of how thoughtful Ryan can be, the sacrifices he makes and the effort he puts into ensuring that I stay healthy.

One of my favorite local gluten free meals- Caprese salad

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