Weekend in Würzburg

Our trip to Würzburg was a last minute decision.  Planning around Ryan work-related trips has become increasingly difficult so we had to get creative. Since Ryan had to head south to Bavaria on Sunday anyway and Würzburg was on our list, we decided this was the perfect time to visit this beautiful little town.

Würzburg was on the list not only because it is a quintessential German town in Franconia wine country, it is also the town to which Ryan traced his grandmother’s ancestors.  Ryan and I have been working on tracing our family tree since we are living in Germany and we can each trace at least part of our families back to Europe.  We have been very lucky in our search.  We have both reached points in our tree where historians have done most of the work.  Ryan’s side of the tress led us here to Saint Killian in Würzburg.  So, on my birthday, we left work early and drove down to have a glass of wine on the beautiful Old Main Bridge.

We had a nice, quite birthday dinner in a pretty little restaurant in the old water mill.  You can sort of see the mechanism of the water mill in the ceiling below.  We had a typical Bavarian meal complete with wine sauerkraut.

The next day, we did a little more site seeing…

We went to the beautiful palace where we unfortunately couldn’t take many pictures inside but we did sneak one of the gold-gilded green room.

We took lots of pictures of the palace grounds. The gardens were beautiful even without the springtime blooms.

It was an unusually warm day for March in Germany so we spent a lot of time just hanging out in the palace gardens enjoying the sun. 

Then we decided it was a perfect day for a picnic.  We walked back to the center of town to the market.  We assumed that like every other town in Germany, there would be a great Saturday market and of course there was.  We picked up some yummy cheese, apples, and apple secco.  Secco is sparkling wine and delicious.  We grabbed healthy, gluten-free crackers, some wine glasses and utensils from our hotel room and headed back over to the bridge.  We were lucky enough to find a great spot on a bench across from the St. Killian statue.

Later, we did what we always do and asked the hotel staff for a good, non-touristy restaurant for dinner.  We ended up at a great little place with cozy atmosphere.  We started our Bavarian meal with secco with peach juice, very much like a bellini    and amazing!  Certainly a new favorite.   It’s not easy to eat healthy in Germany so I didn’t even try this weekend.   We finished off the night with a long walk through the town and another stop by the statue of St Killian.  This is the only statue of a Saint we’ve ever seen with a sword.

On our last day, we slept in and headed to brunch at a little place with seating overlooking the river with a view of the bridge and the fortress on the hill.  This was a nice relaxing birthday road trip.  We are so fortunate to be able to visit towns where our ancestors lived so close to where we live now.

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