Meet 27 and Sweet 27

This is my first restaurant review post so let me start with why I’m writing it.  It’s simple.  I’m writing this review because I benefit from so many bloggers who write gluten free reviews and I wanted to share my experience.

We really had no idea what to expect from Meet 27 or the sister bakery Sweet 27.   We had never been to an all gluten free restaurant before (apart from Ryan picking up a few Parisian pastries at Helmut Newcake, the new gluten free bakery in Paris, on his way home).  I wondered if everything would taste like cardboard?  Would it taste like anything at all?   I discovered Meet 27 by accident.  The week before we left for Baltimore, we had a visitor at work from Maryland.  I came across Sweet 27 while thumbing through his City Paper Best of Baltimore edition.  This is the first year they had a gluten free dining category.

We stopped at the bakery first.  I didn’t want to risk missing out on gluten free cupcakes!  There were lots of different flavors of cupcakes and I had a hard time deciding.   We picked out a dozen so that everyone could have one for dessert and have a few left over for the following days.

The bakery also had several large refrigerators with whole cakes, 6-packs of cupcakes and  a great assortment of GT’s Synergy kombucha, which I was dying to try.  As we were leaving the bakery, a line had started to form.  Apparently this place is pretty popular and I can see why!

Next, we headed over to Meet 27 to meet my family.  The menu was eclectic.  It was sort of an American, South Asian, Caribbean fusion.  I ordered the portobello burger.  There were a lot of choices but I really just wanted a burger (sans meat, of course).  It was excellent!  The bun was gluten free focaccia bread with a great texture.  I enjoyed the texture but Ryan thought that the bread should have been a little thicker or more dense because the burger sort or broke through the bread.  He ended up eating the rest with the knife and fork.  I did the same with last bit but I didn’t mind because it the taste made up for that!

I cleaned my plate quickly and began picking at others.  My mother’s pork chop was served over creamy mashed sweet potatoes and all of the burgers were served with sweet potato fries, none of which went to waste!  My cousin Cody had the “Mexican Burger” below.  I didn’t taste it but he loved it and it looked amazing.  Ryan had the American burger (fitting).  Both burgers had to be cut in half and smushed down a bit to eat them and eventually had to be finished off with a fork.

My sister, Danielle had the salmon.  It was served over a huge pile of roasted veggies and topped with crispy onion strings.   Also, amazing!

For dessert, we had cupcakes from Sweet 27.  We tried red velvet, tiramisu, chocolate chocolate, chocolate & peanut butter, cookies & creams and chocolate with cappuccino butter cream icing.  They were all amazing.  I was worried that gluten free cupcakes would be too dry or dense but they were actually amazing because they tasted like cupcakes!  If you’re gluten intolerant, you know how important it is for something to taste like you expect or want it to taste.  The Sweet 27 cupcakes were exactly what I was hoping for.  It was a bonus that they were also creative with so many to choose from.  The icing flavors were all fantastic but I think my favorite was the chocolate with peanut butter buttercream icing.

This was a successful first for us!  I was also really happy to be able to share this first with my family who is always so super supportive of anything I want to do.  Thanks for a perfectly gluten free trip home to Baltimore!

I will definitely go back to Meet 27 and Sweet 27 the next time we are in Baltimore!

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