Woodberry Kitchen Gluten Free Review

There isn’t one thing I don’t absolutely love about this place.  The concept of the restaurant is based on using sustainable, local agriculture and reclamation.  Even the space is recycled.  The restaurant is located in the beautiful circa 1870 Foundry Building with sky high ceilings and decorated with vintage mill-worker tools.  The rustic tables give it a farmhouse feel and the waitresses all wear what appear to be homemade, quilted or patchwork aprons that just add character and charm to an already perfect setting (I’m dying to find a similar apron, I wold LOVE it if they sold them on the website!)  They even have a sense of humor.  Check out the last item on this beverage menu.

I stumbled onto Woodberry Kitchen while searching for a place to have a nice (gluten free) Saturday brunch with my family before Ryan and I flew back to Germany.  I began dialing frantically as soon as I saw the website and the extensive gluten free menu.  They could only seat a party of eight at 10, which was a bit early for us but I just had to go there so we made it work.

They had me at “pressed coffee.”  They give the option for an individual press or a table press, which serves four.  The server brought the press and little hour glass timer.  I think this made Ryan’s day.  We prefer pressed coffee and the coffee itself was fair-trade awesomness.   Behind the press, you can see Ryan’s Rum Runner Shandy with fresh blueberries.  This was a hit with the whole table.  It was light and refreshing and although it was topped off with beer, they made mine gluten free by using sparkling water.

Before, I get to how amazing the food is at Woodberry, check out this location!   Woodberry Kitchen is situated in the historic 1840’s mill village.  The residential area here was originally created for mill workers by David Carroll (interesting to us because Ryan’s family tree traces back to the Carrolls).  It is mostly secluded from the nearby busy city streets of Baltimore.  The picture below on the left was taken just before we found the restaurant.  I think this was just after Ryan started wondering what I was getting him into (when driving to this place, you will feel like you are going the wrong way).  Now, take a look at the picture on the right.  The view from our table, which over looks the outdoor seating area and large bon fire pit, which I can only imagine is magnificent at night.

Now, the food.  One of the things I like about brunch is that anything goes.  It is perfectly ok to have crab dip at 10:30 am when you call it brunch.  This Tilghman Island Crab Pot was served in a cast iron skillet with gluten free toasts (special request), it usually comes with very crunchy crostini.  The gluten free toast was amazing.  To be able to enjoy the crab dip with bread, while not super healthy and certainly not on my typical meal plan, it was perfection and totally worth it.

The gluten free eggs benedict, also simply perfect.  Though, I got little excited and ordered without realizing it was served with ham and had to remove it, making Ryan the very happy recipient of what was apparently delicious ham.  Without the ham, it was perfect for me.  The crunch of the gluten free english muffin combined with the rich hollandaise sauce and perfectly poached eggs.  The accompanying skillet potatoes with caramelized onions melted in my mouth.  I’m getting hungry right now just thinking about this meal.

Again, the great thing about brunch is anything goes.  By this time, it was after noon and perfectly acceptable to order dessert (even though I was stuffed).  I shared this amazing little ice cream concoction with my cousin Cody.  The rhubarb sorbet and basil ice cream sounded too good to pass up.  Malt ice cream was also an option but that wasn’t gluten free so we were adventurous and ordered the basil ice cream.  I almost wish we had skipped the rhubarb and requested 10 scoops of the basil.  Ok, 10 is pushing it.  Even sharing a few bites with everyone at the table, it was tough to finish just because we were so stuffed.  I’ll be dreaming about this basil ice cream for a very long time.

The food, service, knowledgeable staff and atmosphere will certainly have us coming back to Woodberry Kitchen.  I can’t wait for my next trip to Baltimore.  I’m going straight from BWI to Woodberry!

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