Restaurant Jellyfish – Hamburg

The fact that I’m considering making the five-hour train ride back to Hamburg JUST to go to Jellyfish should tell you something.  This tiny, simply decorated place turned out to serve the most perfectly satisfying meal I’ve had in Germany!  There isn’t one thing we didn’t absolutely love about the restaurant; the reclaimed wood tables, the staff and most importantly the food, which, by the way, was all naturally gluten free.

I had read reviews about Jellyfish and added it to the list of possible restaurants to try in Hamburg.  Now that I’m gluten-free, we have to do a little research before every trip.  Thankfully, Jellyfish was the only place with a table that night.

After the waiter sat down at our table and walked us through the amazing menu displayed on a large chalkboard, plus all of the additional specials of the day, we could not decide.  Lucky enough for us there was a surprise tasting menu of 4 courses (I think the choices were 4, 5 or 6 courses).  Ryan and Brian are always up for a surprise tasting, the more exotic or local the food, the better.  Kate and I are a bit more skeptical and as-is tasting menus are almost always out for me because of gluten.  In this case, everything on the menu was gluten-free and there wasn’t anything on the menu we didn’t want to try.  Surprise tasting menu all around! Yay!

We started with beet soup.  um, this was delicious!  I cannot recall what the bit of deliciousness was in the middle (reason #6 why I need to blog quicker) but I do know that it was excellent and I wanted more.  Next up, the biggest shrimp I had ever seen.  Ironically enough it was imported from Main.  The only part I could have done without was the head but I understand that is just how it’s done in Europe and I’ve learned to accept it.  The tasty meat more than made up for that and the head, quickly forgotten.

The main course was a the most delicate and flavorful white fish with quinoa.  Quinoa in Germany!  When the look of shock flashed over my face at the mention of quinoa, the waiter asked if we knew what quinoa was.  Oh YES!  I’m familiar! Perfectly seasoned, savory quinoa, lobster foam, a delicate cream sauce and the perfect size serving of fish.

Last but not least, banana macadamia ice cream.  Really??  It was perfect!  I’ve tried to recreate this little dessert masterpiece at home but I’ve only come close.  It seemed to have few ingredients, which I love and it was just the right level of sweet to end the meal.

Something we all loved about our meal at Jellyfish was that we left feeling satisfied, not so stuffed we needed to “walk it off” like most German meals.  The ingredients seemed fresh and simple and paired perfectly.  Best of all for me, it was all gluten-free without any special requests.

The waiter suggested an excellent Riesling to go with our meal and two bottles later, I wish I could remember the name…

You can find Jellyfish just a couple blocks walk from the Sternschanze S-bahn at Weidenallee 12, 20357 Hamburg Germany

I see another trip to Hamburg in our future!

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