Christmas in Wiesbaden

The Glühwein began flowing in Wiesbaden on Tuesday when the city kicked off the annual Christmas Market. The market always opens with fireworks in the city center on the first day.

This time of year, we go to the Christmas markets a couple of nights per week.  We usually just walk down the street to the Wiesbaden market or venture across the river to Mainz but this year I’m hoping to drag Ryan to a few others in near-by towns…. maybe a few not-so-near-by towns too!

IMG_3717Every market has a special mug for their town, usually featuring landmarks from the town. Each time you purchase a drink, you pay a phand (deposit) of usually 2 Euro.  If you return the mug, you get the phand back.  We usually keep one or two mugs each year.

Most markets have the same food and drinks with the exception of a few local specialties in some towns.  The food stalls are usually pretty crowded and for all of the order and structure in everything in Germany, lines or queues are really not a thing here.   The masses crowd around for Knoedel, Kartoffelpuffer, Sauerkraut, schnitzel, wurst, christstollen, crepes and glühwein.  Oh the glühwein! I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I’m hoping to cover the food in another post.  I could go on forever about German fest food.

IMG_3682There are always many stalls with festive lebkuchen (gingerbread) cookies with messages of love and holiday wishes written in icing like the one above.  I’m not a fan of gingerbread (GASP?) so I haven’t tried them but they are ubiquitous to German fests and they’re cute!

The other stalls are full of beautiful handmade Christmas ornaments, nutcrackers, nativity figures, candles, honey, soap, baubles, trinkets, knicknacks and tchotcke


There are so many different ornaments and decorations!

IMG_3734The little dolls in the pictures below remind me of my grandmother.  They look like something she would have had on her shelf during the holidays and they make me smile! IMG_3673I’m always drawn to the teddy bears!  Teddy bears always remind me of my aunt and how much I wish she were still here to see them.  I have to fight the urge to buy one every time but sometimes that urge wins… as it did in this case.


Hopefully, we’ll have some dryer weather this year to give us time to enjoy the markets in other towns.  It’s slightly less fun to drive two hours to go to the market in the rain than it is to just walk down the street, grab some glühwein and enjoy from our cozy living room watching Love Actually.

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2 Responses to Christmas in Wiesbaden

  1. I absolutely love Germany – you’re so lucky to be living there! Especially at Christmas time 🙂 I lived in Frankfurt for a while, so we had a little trip over to Wiesbaden, it’s a lovely town! Katie x

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