Our Complicated 2012

This is the third draft of this post… It’s hard to explain how 2012 was both awful and awesome.  So, I’ve decided to focus on how the awful parts really turned out to be pretty awesome in the end.

We were supposed to be moving back to the States this year in November but sometimes the best laid plans are the wrong plans.  One of my favorite quotes is from the Max Ehrmann poem Desiderata  “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”  This year, that was my mantra.  I had to repeat it to myself many – many times.

This was a year that also often reminded me of one of my favorite Beatles lyrics, “Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”  This is, of course from All You Need is Love (also the recessional song from our wedding).

Below are some pictures of our 2012 highlights.  If not for the negative things that occurred, some of these great times would not have been possible and Ryan and I would not have three more great years ahead of us in Germany!!

427142_952756256675_1403476_40841801_1870850990_n       DSC01068_2DSC01204DSC01337 IMG_4496Picture 10 IMG_5533IMG_5561Picture 11Picture 12IMG_4717IMG_4450DSC02018Picture 9   Picture 21Picture 14  IMG_8694 DSC02178 DSC02169DSC00241  IMG_5369IMG_6400DSC01025Picture 19Picture 20Picture 22   Picture 13Picture 16IMG_8390  IMG_8391  IMG_2283IMG_2643IMG_6651 DSC01571     DSC01446IMG_333521071-1100Picture 18Picture 17DSC02190    IMG_3718

There were set-backs that we turned around to make positive changes and we are so very happy that we have such supportive and loving family and friends.  We would not have made it through the past five months without all of you.

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