My Favorite Running Playlist

I don’t usually share the details of running that do not relate to travel but since I have renewed my focused on health and fitness, it is a bigger part of our lives.  And, since I’ve found other blogger playlists so helpful, I thought I would share.

I wasn’t feeling motivated by my running music.  I was bored with it and found myself skipping songs often but this new list has made a huge difference for my run.  My pace is better.  I feel happier during my run… even on the long uphill.  So, here it is…

Eighteen songs totaling exactly 1 hour, which makes it perfect for everyday running.   I’ve made the mistake in the past of just using songs that I like and throwing them together in a playlist and hoping it worked out.  All of the songs are fast paced and really make me want to run faster and many of them make me smile, which I’ve learned always makes for a better, happier run!

P.S. It turns out this is also a great dancing-around-the-house-while-cleaning playlist 🙂

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